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Course overview

Foundation of Good Body Language

Learn how to adopt the right mindset and to communicate confidence from within. Learn to be present and read others effectively

Emotional Triggers

Recognise the way emotions affect body language. Discover how to achieve a state of powerful relaxation

Body Language Skills

Learn how to assess first impressions and what to do in meetings. Learn how to make eye contact and master the presentation of information

Body Language in a Virtual World

Discover the how and why of employing confident body language, even when on conference calls. We give you hints and tips for when you video-conference

Body Language and Reputation

Learn to instil confidence in others by using gravitas and presence

Learning outcomes

  • You understand the behaviour and psychology vital to developing consciousness and confidence in your body language.

  • You have the skill to determine how you're perceived by others.

  • You appreciate the fundamental impact confident body language has on your communication, and its perception by others.

  • Now you know why you act the way you do, and how you can adapt your style to greatest effect.

  • You have the ability to read other people's body language messages and just by changing your own, can alter your mood.

  • Your presence and confidence have increased.

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