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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

We discuss typical networking challenges and the outcomes you want that we'll teach you to achieve


Discover the importance of networking, then learn how to define your personal brand


Explore the keys to being perceived well and how to enhance senior stakeholder's perceptions of you

The Art of Meeting People

Discover how to plan and prepare, to remember names and to read group body language

The Networking Conversation

Learn how to break the ice and have something interesting to talk about as well as how to leave the conversation gracefully. Create a habit of following up with the people you've met

Learning outcomes

  • Having learned the skill of networking, your own network is growing and your personal career is advancing.

  • You're far better able to overcome the challenges faced by many when trying to make new connections.

  • Having a strategic view and a real understanding of the benefits, your networking efforts are reaping rewards.

  • You've developed a practical approach, are able to converse confidently and to share ideas.

  • You're amplifying your company’s brand as well as your own, and leaving a positive and lasting impression on others.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses