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Course overview

Introduction & Overview

A discussion around what the session is about. Explore and talk about personal challenges and desired outcomes

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Recognise & influence your own & other people’s behaviour. Discover the characteristics of emotionally intelligent people

Our Model

An explanation of the general concept of Emotional Intelligence, why it’s relevant and what it’s used for

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Encourage your people's leadership ability and their team effectiveness through using coaching and the appraisal of performance. Explore how to support cultural change

Your Own EI & Your Client’s EI

Explore key Emotional Intelligence behaviours from decisiveness and conscientiousness to stress resilience and empathy

Learning outcomes

  • Now you're armed with the emotional intelligence knowledge and stratagems needed to interact to best advantage with clients and colleagues.

  • You can identify, assess and manage your own emotions and understand the emotions of others.

  • You have a working knowledge of how emotions and behaviours affect workplace performance.

  • You know how to regulate your emotions and behaviours and understand how to listen, persuade, influence and be assertive.

  • Your improved emotional intelligence is resulting in better working relationships.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses