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Course overview

Deliberate Thinking

How to recognise and counteract the shortcuts our brains use to get quick responses known as “automatic thinking”

Be Open Minded

Fight past stubbornness; acknowledge ingrained beliefs and consider alternative perspectives

Facts Over Fantasy

Focus on facts and logic rather than putting your faith in principles or beliefs that have no basis in truth


Realise that when we conjure up a memory of the past, we use our imaginations to colour and fill in detail


Avoid logical fallacies through logical argument, thus making a hard-hitting and persuasive case

Learning outcomes

  • This course will equip participants with the ability to suspend judgement - not rushing to a conclusion, but holding back to reflect.

  • The world we work in is complex and fast-paced. Leaders need to be able to tell good thinking from bad thinking, in themselves and others. This course will teach them how to do so.

  • Delegates will learn how to think systematically by listing and rigorously analysing possibilities, facts and arguments.

  • The course will demonstrate some of the common pitfalls in human thinking and how to avoid them.

  • By the end of this training participants will be able to recognise & challenge false assumptions, identify a range of cognitive biases and effectively challenge the status quo.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses