“Humans are social beings and communication is a commodity so valuable, we would literally be lost without it.”

Nick Smallman – Founder & CEO


Our Global team of expert trainers can show you how!

“In terms of feedback, Paul did extremely well!
Many of the participants I spoke to said that the business writing was one of their favourite sessions from the whole 3 days.”

Delegate Feedback

“Best course presenter I have ever experienced. Sara really brought the subject to life.”

Delegate Feedback

“Out of the 2 or 3 other presentation training skills days I have attended whilst working at JLL this was by far the best. John helped us all a lot individually and I really felt like I learnt a lot from the day.”

Delegate Feedback

Making the business world a better place through effective communication

Working Voices started by putting up a notice in a supermarket in 1998, and our first call was from the mother of an eight-year-old boy who had confidence issues. From there it progressed entirely through word of mouth.

Now nearly 20 years later, we deliver training to over 100 of the world’s largest companies. We train everyone from graduates to CEOs to improve their business communication skills.

Our philosophy is that with the right training, everyone has the ability to be an authentic and effective communicator. We develop courses from psychological, sociological and physiological perspectives to achieve engagement and genuine long-term changes in behaviour.


A World-Class Team...

...brought together for their experience, flair and dedication to helping people.

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Gene Douglas Intellectual, experienced and engaging. View Profile
Jessi Gormezano Based in New York View Profile
Marcus Johnson Engaging, charming and insightful. View Profile
Allison Moody Based in Illinois View Profile
Kate Anthony Based in LA View Profile
Maria Scarpati Engaging, compassionate and nurturing. View Profile
Ben Bunce Passionate, supportive and experienced. View Profile
Brenda Cross Based in New York View Profile
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