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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

Learn about personal negotiation challenges and decide the outcomes you're looking for


Successful negotiation is collaborative and leaves people feeling good about what they've achieved. Top negotiators all possess 10 specific traits that we'll share with you

The Six Stages

Discover the six stages of successful negotiation: Preparation, Boundaries, Listening, Clarity, Control and Closing

Tactics You’ll Encounter

Deal with the negotiation games people play, from “Constant change of position” to “Splitting the difference”

Other Situations

Adapt to remote negotiations on the telephone, either one-to-one or on a group conference call. What to know if using email, and how to alter your approach in international negotiations

Learning outcomes

  • You'll be able to negotiate successfully in any situation and know how to keep it friendly throughout.

  • Research and preparation are needed to engage the other party but you'll know exactly how to conduct these.

  • The other side may employ a variety of tactics to come out on top but you'll be prepared, whether it's face to face, on the phone or an international negotiation.

  • You'll also be armed with effective communication skills such as flexibility, and the emotional intelligence required to understand the other person’s needs.

  • You'll also be armed with the ability to set clear boundaries and remain in control.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses