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Course overview

Purpose & Audience

Define the purpose of your presentation and decide what your audience needs. Learn how to structure points you want people to remember

PowerPoint Writing

Review your presentation-writing essentials from white space to active verbs

Story Structure

Learn structures from BLOT (Bottom Line On Top) to BICR (Background, Issue, Challenge, Response)


Learn practical techniques to deal with presentation-writer’s block

Better than Bullets

Understand the importance of easily understood messages that are expressed visually and in a manner that makes them memorable

Learning outcomes

  • Your slide-deck presentations really work, using modern visual-slide and storytelling techniques.

  • You've learnt to create and to deliver crystal clear and engaging messages, tailored to the needs of your audience.

  • You understand the importance and value of having a clearly defined aim.

  • You use a plain-language writing style and know how to structure a storyline for your presentations.

  • By tapping into their emotions you've learned how to get any audience to remember your content.

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