A bit about Tom

Tom has an MSc in Psychological Coaching and a BSc in Psychology; his approach as a trainer, a coach, and a thought leader is informed by science and the latest L&D developments. He is a skilled Executive Coach and provides supportive yet challenging coaching on topics such as leadership, decision-making, and driving high performance.

Tom also previously worked in people development for financial services, which gives him an essential insight into the needs of our clients. During his time at Working Voices he has created some of our most innovative courses: Leading Through Change, Boosting Productivity, Navigating Office Politics and Building Resilience to name just a few. Tom has also helped to run large-scale programmes for participants in some of the top financial services institutions, from graduates to senior leaders.

In my 10 years in the industry I have attended a great deal of development courses, I can honestly say that the 4 hours with Tom was more valuable than all the previous seminars I’ve ever attended put together. I could not rate Tom more highly.