A bit about Peter Krauss

Peter‘s career as a business leader, facilitator and coach spans over 30 years working in Europe and the US. He held senior positions at a number of techology companies and is a specialist in sales and leadership development in complex environments. During his career as a trainer and coach, Peter worked with the world’s largest companies across the IT, financial services, automotive and medical industries, developing expertise in boiling down complex topics into easy-to-understand, practical concepts and behaviours.

Since 2006, Peter has delivered more than 1,500 workshops in 20 countries. He has served as a lecturer for communications at the Technical University Mittelhessen. Peter has a Master of Arts in economics and history from Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen.

“I was fortunate to attend a two-day negotiation skills workshop led by Peter. Without a doubt, these two days were among the most valuable and high-impact training sessions of the entire curriculum.”