A bit about Finn

Finn’s infectious enthusiasm and unflinching belief in the potential of personal and professional development provides a stable base from which to listen, build trust and flexibly react to the ever changing professional needs of the individual or organisation.

With a unique set of professional skills, Finn brings a fresh approach to his coaching and training delivery.
Having started out providing mentoring for young people in challenging circumstances, Finn learnt a lot about the power of empathy and the importance of listening in the quest to communicate with impact and effect lasting change.
It is from these early lessons in how to genuinely engage with people and his experience as a professional filmmaker and storyteller that Finn has built a memorable and affecting coaching style.

Finn has worked with universities, businesses, charities and multi academy trusts to build resilient teams, empathetic leaders and true listening cultures.

His extensive coaching, training, facilitation and resource development experience, provides a wealth of expertise to deliver tangible results that can be immediately implemented.