Deep downturn in engagement

A cocktail of toxic challenges is fogging morale, connectivity and identity. Issues, decades in the making – such as hyper-competitive environments, doing more with less and the rapid onset of tech – have led to the deepest downturn in engagement in living memory. Worse is expected in the years ahead.

Building morale, sustaining productivity

In response, over the past three years, Working Voices have been researching evidence from academics, neuroscientists and businesses. Inspired by these findings, we made our own key discoveries which we developed into practical training solutions. These fall into five themes, collectively called The Sustainable Human – the title of our forthcoming book.

Immediate solutions, measurable results

Historic company cultures have been superseded by the turbulent 2020s. Disengagement is a sign that company culture is no longer fit for purpose. Our training solutions quickly get to the root of deep-seated issues by supporting a new approach to culture.

Redeveloping culture through future skills

Guided by our research, our training solutions deliver essential future skills. These are grouped into five core themes:

  • Leading Through Change
  • Agile Thinking
  • Working With AI
  • Communicating With Data
  • Social Wellbeing

These themes, individually and collectively, support a culture of sustainable working. For more information on each of them, click on the videos below.

Next steps

  • Take a look at the videos, download our introductory PDF.
  • Get in touch for a detailed assessment. Our team is skilled in matching solutions to challenges.
  • Speak to us, and find out how we could support your leaders, upskill your people, and reinvigorate your culture.

Discover more about our five Sustainable Human themes, each packed with future skills courses:

Leading Through Change

  • Leading Through Change
  • Leading Through Complexity
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Leading With Bounded Optimism
  • The Inclusive Leader - Part 1
  • The Inclusive Leader - Part 2

Social Wellbeing

  • How Leaders Create Culture
  • How to Create Psychological Safety
  • Hybrid Working Practices
  • The Social Human At Work
  • Building Social Confidence

Working With AI

  • Thinking with AI
  • Communicating Through AI
  • Managing Others with AI
  • Using AI in Leadership

Agile Thinking

  • Creative Thinking
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Collaborative Thinking
  • Flexible Thinking
  • How to Create a Growth Mindset

Communicating With Data

  • Data Confidence
  • Storytelling With Data
  • Data Lead Consultancy - Part 1
  • Data Lead Consultancy - Part 2

Meet your speaker, CEO Nick Smallman

Over the last 3 years, Nick and his team have been working tirelessly to find solutions to many challenges facing companies today. Gaining insights from psychologists, neuroscientists and HR experts he has crafted a powerful solution.

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