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Course overview

Attitude to Time

An introduction to the session. Typical time-management challenges and the outcomes that can be achieved

Owning Time

Categorise work projects and the management of emails. Discover an effective decision making process and how to manage your energy levels

Clarity of Time

Keep focus and be conscious of priorities. Understand why you need to apply the principles of effective time management

Use Time

Understand the use of the 4D decision-making tool and the importance of documenting your thoughts and progress


Plan next steps and create an individual action agenda

Learning outcomes

  • You've learnt how to effectively manage your approach to time.

  • You're changing the practices that detract from productivity and know how energy levels affect your ability to deliver.

  • You understand that to work most effectively, you cannot manage time itself – only the actions you take.

  • With your knowledge of information flow, you can deliver more effectively and consistently.

  • You feel less overwhelmed and can effectively prioritise to achieve a calmer and more pleasant lifestyle.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses