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Course Overview

Introduction & Objectives

Interpersonal issues are usually easy to deal with, but what happens when you have to turn down a client's request or disappoint a colleague about a pay rise?

Preparing – Action Checklist

Learn to understand the facts and your desired result. Decide what you'd like to have happen next, and what you want the other person to feel

Preparing – Emotional Intelligence Checklist

Adopt the right, calm, mental attitude and understand the importance of emotional intelligence

The Conversation – Framework

Choose the right medium and the right time and place as well as decide and use the appropriate language

The Conversation – Toolkit

Make sure you avoid condescension and criticism, and are assertive but empathetic. Learn the employee feedback model

Learning Outcomes

  • Now you're prepared to successfully conduct the kind of challenging conversations likely to be encountered in the modern work environment.

  • You're equipped to approach feedback with emotional intelligence, positivity and practicality.

  • You're able to engage in difficult conversations with greater confidence and to maintain effective control of the emotions in play.

  • You can make conscious decisions about the best verbal and non-verbal choices to use.

  • And throughout, you have the confidence to act with integrity, and to maintain your relationships.

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