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Course overview

Introduction and Agenda

We explain what the course is about and explore any individual challenges. We also set you some goals

What is Unconscious Bias?

Discover what unconscious bias is and how it colours the assumptions we make, often without our even realising it

In Group / Out Group / Conformity

Explore unconscious habits and learn how to make your own choices and perceptions more conscious

Unconscious Bias at Work

We reveal the micro tribes people typically belong to and provide the solutions that bring people together

Combat Unconscious Bias

Become more aware of your own unconscious bias through self-analysis and specific organisational goals. Learn to make clear, achievable action plans to enable you to let go of your judgments

Learning outcomes

  • You understand the often hidden, unconscious choices we all make and the damaging effects they can have.

  • You know how to suspend your judgements and biasses and are far more inclusive

  • Your new awareness has made you a better and more inclusive leader.

  • You've gained control over your unconscious habits and now your choices are conscious ones.

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