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Course overview

Define Good and Bad Politics

Understand that there are both good and extremely bad ways to exert power and influence

Recognise the Symptoms

What are people saying? What are they doing? And how are they acting? Learn to recognise what to look for

Understand the Pathology

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). Discover the conditions under which bad office politics can spread

Know the Treatments

Identify the level of power held by each player, and how to maximise their collaboration

Develop Strategies

Master the art of dealing with office politics. How to handle conflict and develop open communication

Learning outcomes

  • This course shows participants how to distinguish between good and bad politics in the workplace.

  • Delegates will be much more aware of the reasons office politics develop and how people react to them.

  • They'll know what to do when they encounter bad office politics and instead can become office diplomats.

  • Attendees will be far more conscious of how to work better with people when the environment becomes political.

  • And in possession of strategies to navigate their way through the challenges, with the ability to work with people if the environment does become political.

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