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Course Overview

Introduction & Objectives

Discussing what the session is about, personal influencing challenges, and desired outcomes

Influence & Persuasion — Definitions

Exploring the challenges of influencing without authority; being persuasive & maintaining good relationships

Influence & Impact — E+R=O

Developing outcome thinking and building flexibility and confidence; behaving assertively; staying present

Influencing Outcomes

Using circles of concern and influence; exploring and applying different influencing and communication styles

The Steps to Effective Influencing

Building rapport, reflecting the other person’s needs, working for a decision; being persistent and following up

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll know how to prepare proactively and confidently, with greater self-awareness

  • You’ll approach situations purposefully and logically

  • You’ll know how to adapt your style for different audiences and how best to reach agreement

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses

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