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Course overview

Why People Buy

To sell, you need to understand utility and how to solve problems or create solutions that persuade and influence. Research shows we're all in sales, simply as a result of being human

The Buying Process

Learn in detail the Five steps buyers take: first they need to recognise they have a problem, then they research and evaluate their options, finally they make a decision, before reviewing it

People Involved

Apply the stakeholder analysis map to identify and interact with influencers, directors, buyers and users


Tune in to the buyer's perspective without judgement, through the use of questions, good listening skills and the creation of harmony

Building Trust

Know and understand the importance of trust and the trust equation: credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation

Learning outcomes

  • You'll be more effective as you'll understand the psychology behind every sales opportunity.

  • Salespeople sometimes get a bad reputation because they forget what you now know – i.e. how to sell, and remain human.

  • In understanding what makes people buy and the process they go through to reach that decision, you have a huge advantage.

  • In any sale the buyer has to trust you – now they almost certainly will.

  • The good news is you'll have the tools to persuade and influence – and know how to apply them ethically.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses