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Course overview

Anger is Good

Discover how to be energised by anger and recognise that it's normal, but learn how to keep a clear head

Causes of Anger

Develop self-awareness and understand you do have choices in regard to your response to anger triggers

Proper Expression

Be assertive not aggressive. Discover and understand the 'suppression trap'. Learn calming strategies and discover how to express your needs


Get to grips with interpersonal communication and learn how to use your emotional intelligence. Recognise the importance of reality testing and creative problem solving


Understand some important mindfulness practices and change how you think to build a new daily routine

Learning outcomes

  • The fact is, people bring their emotions to work and inevitably they can affect your productivity and relationships.

  • You recognise the emotions in yourself and others and know how to harness feelings of anger to your best advantage.

  • You know how to turn aggression into assertiveness and to take responsibility for it. You recognise anger in others but can maintain your relationships.

  • You're able to harness or manage your anger and maintain energy and focus throughout the working day.

  • You avoid blaming & shaming, and you direct any anger that arises in a more appropriate way.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses