The Inspirational Leader

Few things in life are certain, but when in a leadership position you will be faced with situations that demotivate your team.

Whether it is demands on higher productivity or a reduction in resources, it will fall to you to inspire and lead by example to turn the situation around.

Only by understanding what it is that makes you work, how to create a real connection with your team and recognising what drives them, can you start to develop inspiring behaviour that will rub off on those around you.

Learning goals

Our leadership classes focus on a range of specialist communication skills that will empower and energize your team to do their best, such as:

  • Looking for positive attributes
  • Reinforcing those attributes
  • Promoting confidence and optimism

Highly practical and vibrant, by the end of this course you will know exactly how to get the best from your colleagues.

This course is coupled with a 1:1 coaching session for each participant, plus access to Working Voices Digital, this seminar will help you generate a climate in which people will want to do their best.

“Showing you how to empower and energise others to perform to the max”

The Inspirational Leader


To initiate you into the testing but rewarding world of getting the best from your colleagues.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you will recognize what motivates you and your colleagues, and what you need to do to inspire others.

Leadership = motivating and inspiring. Whether dealing with clients, colleagues or tasks, leading / motivating / inspiring permeates every activity and endeavour. Motivators and Inspirers create a climate in which the people they’re dealing with 1) want to cooperate 2) want to make the right things happen 3) want to do their best. Motivators and Inspirers can assess the strengths of other people and use those strengths to get the most from them. People like both to be with them and to work with them.

Course Content

  • Impact: Transforming impact from a “gift” to a “skill”
  • Authenticity: Getting “real” about what drives us
  • Self-Motivation: Understanding what motivates us
  • Rapport: Connecting genuinely with others
  • Recognition: Learning to see what drives those around us
  • Purpose: Inspiring people by arousing their sense of purpose
  • Learning: Using our basic desire to learn as a motivational tool
  • Effective Feedback: Perceiving the value of “recognition as reward”
  • Pressure: Keeping motivated when the pressure increases
  • Inspiring Behaviour: Knowing and practicing the behaviours that inspire
  • Practice: Practising to gain confidence and achieve real change