Communication Skills Course for New Managers

As a new manager you are suddenly thrown into an alien world. Now, it is you giving instructions, delegating and dealing with staff issues.

The responsibility for the new project has landed on your shoulders and everyone is watching to see how you cope.

No longer is it enough to be able to manage yourself; now you are responsible for a whole team, which calls for a whole new skill set.

Learning goals

As you move into the realm of management, your communication skills must be enhanced and become more flexible to meet the unique challenges you’ll face.

This Communication skills course will help you:

  • Manage yourself effectively
  • Remove the hurdles
  • Look, sound and act the part
  • Develop good leadership communication skills
  • Manage difficult conversations

The highly interactive and insightful seminar will challenge, inform and help you develop the highly specialised skill set required for management roles.

Followed by a 1:1 coaching session for each participant, by the end of this course you will have a thorough knowledge of management and leadership communication.

“Acquiring the empathic communication attributes vital to the success of every modern leader – however junior, however senior”

Communication Skills for New Managers


To give you the skills necessary to allow you to become excellent communicators in your Management / Leadership roles.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you will have – and be able to apply readily – a thorough, and practical knowledge of exemplary Management / Leadership-communication technique.

Successful, modern Managers / Leaders require excellent, properly-understood, and properly-flexible communication skills aimed at the unique challenges they face. The training begins with a discussion about your personal Management / Leadership-communication experiences. The challenges; the solutions you’ve found; the things that have worked for you. It then moves on to the essential skills, from the Emotional Intelligence competencies to Mentoring and Trust and the crucial ability to communicate your personal values and those of the team.

Course Content

Communication Essentials

  • Defining what makes a good manager
  • Setting personal goals and challenges
  • Exploring the communication process

Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding personal strengths and challenges
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence to the management of others

Vision and Transparency

  • Revealing personal values
  • Creating team culture
  • Inspiring others

Mentoring and Trust

  • Motivating through effective feedback

Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Practicing listening skills
  • Defining challenges
  • Overcoming hurdles

Communicating Values

  • Exploring personal and team values
  • Building strong team dynamics
  • Valuing the power of story telling