• 3hr group workshop

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 6 participants

  • blended learning available

Course overview

Physical Energy

We focus on good sleep, hydration, diet, exercise, breathing, rest and daily routine. You need to know how to boost your energy levels.

Emotional Energy

Learn the rituals that develop positive energy and help to manage negative emotions. Build self-confidence and empathy and discover the vital importance of effective listening

Mental Energy

Discover how to accentuate positive self-talk and creativity. Learn to plan and set aside time to visually and mentally prepare

Spiritual Energy

Find passion and purpose through emphasising your values. Learn the power and importance of honesty and integrity

Making it Work

Start small, and make fundamental changes. Get to know the crucial importance of a good sleep routine

Learning outcomes

  • You know how to evaluate the four areas of energy needed to find focus.

  • You've learned how to build your confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm.

  • You're able to use positive self-talk, renewed energy and self-awareness to increase your energy and success levels.

  • Your self-discipline has increased.

  • You've discovered the areas of your life most in need of attention that will lead to increased productivity.

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