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Course overview


Learn to use your personal page for business, how to create a business page and manage fans and groups


Explore how to display your expertise, to create connections, to grow your audience and get your skills endorsed


Learn about followers and following, cards, ads and best practice and make the monster your friend

Do’s and Don’ts

Learn to create an authentic presence, to contribute to a digital community and avoid the pitfalls

Next Steps

Learn how to commit to an action plan, manage unwanted attention and manage Social Media during your work week

Learning outcomes

  • Now that you understand it, you're able to use Social Media advantageously and be part of a productive global community.

  • You can build a profile, analyse engagement and grow your network.

  • You understand that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are tools for raising your digital status and helping you to engage others with your business ideas, skills and products.

  • You know how to target, promote and advertise your business and yourself.

  • You're able to pick and choose who gets to see your ads based on location, marital status, gender, age and much more.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses