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Course overview

Authenticity & Self Motivation

Take your impact level from “gift” to “skill” by understanding what drives and motivates us all

Rapport & Recognition

Learn how to connect genuinely with others and to recognise what drives those around us

Purpose & Learning

Discover how to inspire, by stirring up a sense of purpose and developing great feedback skills

Feedback & Pressure

Find out how to use the “desire to learn” as a motivational tool, value “recognition as reward”, and learn how to stay motivated, even under pressure

Inspiring Behaviour & Practice

Learn and practice the behaviours that inspire others, (with plenty of classroom practice to gain confidence and to achieve real change)

Learning outcomes

  • The demands on a leader are diverse, but you'll find them much easier to handle after this.

  • You understand how to inspire others and to lead by example to achieve success.

  • You also know how to motivate others, having learned how to motivate yourself first.

  • You can recognise and alter demotivating behaviour in others, and know how to communicate with authenticity.

  • You inspire people through your feedback, as well as the direction you provide in everyday communication.

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