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Course overview

Emotional Intelligence

Review and practise the elements of Emotional Intelligence through the prism of the life of a leader

Personality Styles

Examine the theory and practice of Merrill & Reid’s Communication Styles

The Powerful Communicator

Explore the qualities needed to successfully emulate desired behaviours, and delve into the mechanics of high-status communication


Work singly or on a panel to prepare for a real or imaginary presentation or communication

Presenting a Leadership Vision

On this course you will practise delivering a high-stakes presentation, tailored to the audience with style, energy and authenticity

Learning outcomes

  • Your facility with the use of emotional intelligence and different communication styles has greatly enhanced your interactions with colleagues and clients.

  • Whenever you like you can adapt your communication style to enrich any professional interaction.

  • Your skill at managing your emotions has advanced to the point that you easily deal with other people's reactions.

  • With your ability to project the right image, your confidence has rocketed.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses