Effective Global Communication

Communicating with others is part of every day business life, but it’s not always face-to-face.

With today’s global marketplace, communication is more often than not via telephone, conference calls or video conferencing.

Each of these disciplines calls for a range of different skills and it is essential today to have mastered them all.

As standard, this speaking skills course is an effective three-module workshop comprising of foundation and conference call skills, plus either video conferencing or sales skills. The combination you choose is dependent on your business’ needs.

Learning goals

This course is designed to equip you with the techniques and skills needed to ensure that everyone you speak with gains the right, positive impression of your business:

  • Understanding the key to good telephone communication
  • How to interact on video calls
  • Discovering the ten essential elements to promoting your product, services and company over the phone
  • As you would expect, this fun course is highly interactive with lots of practical exercises and role-plays.

This seminar is backed up by 1:1 coaching for each participant, plus it includes access to Working Voices Digital.

“Learning best practice and how to handle cross-cultural communication in 1:1 phone calls, conference calls and video conferencing”

Effective Global Communication Course Details


To show you how to communicate effectively with virtual-team members in 1:1 phone calls and virtual meetings.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you’ll have the necessary skills to make your communication work with global colleagues.
There are obvious advantages to Global virtual teams. They can be drawn from the best available talent irrespective of location; they can reduce travel costs and carbon footprints. They also present development opportunities for team members and leaders alike. On the other hand, they bring together often disparate groups of people, drawn from a variety of cultures, people who may think and speak differently and who may never have met face-to-face. This training addresses the issues and provides the answers.

Course Content

Virtual Communication Tool

  • Understanding interpersonal communication / Exploring the advantages of working in a global team / Communicating well without visual, non-verbal clues

Leading Virtual Teams

  • Defining core skills of effective virtual team leaders – Self-awareness, Insight, Flexibility, Accountability, Empathy, Delegation, Relationships. Assertiveness, Balance, Optimism

Intercultural Communication

  • Discovering the Cultural Learning Cycle / Communicating with people from different cultures / Applying cultural models in the workplace

Virtual Communication Essentials

  • Being present / Using clear, concise language and message structure / Using the voice effectively

Running Effective Virtual Meetings

  • Analysing elements of an effective meeting / Preparing the agenda and being the chairperson / Managing different behaviours in the meeting / Establishing clear action points.