Interpersonal Skills

Developing your interpersonal skills will help you identify the best way to communicate with the people around you in any situation.

Honing these skills is all about:

  • Building confidence
  • Understanding the people you interact with
  • How people react to what you do and say
  • How what you say makes others feel
  • Good communication starts with confidence. Working with us you’ll discover the practices, techniques and stratagems used by the best communicators so you can be even better.

    Run as a seminar followed by a 1:1 coaching session, this course will make you stand out as a powerful communicator.

  • This course will show you how to use Emotional Intelligence and knowledge of personality types to dramatically enhance your interaction with colleagues and clients.

  • Does your job require you to sell, negotiate, motivate, maintain client relationships, supervise staff or lead a team?

    This intensive 1:1 course is designed to give you the skills you need to become an effective manager/leader.

  • Learn how to enhance teamwork, trust and collaboration, and how individual work-styles affect team relationships.

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