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We know that good communication skills are vital to a successful career, whatever your level, whatever your role. We know that everyone has the potential to be a great communicator. Working with our clients to unlock that potential is at the heart of everything we do.

Here at Working Voices we offer the most effective and the best in communication skills training for business. Our experienced, passionate coaches connect, engage and inspire both in the classroom and online in our interpersonal skills eLearning courses. All our communication, interpersonal & presentation skills training programs are grounded in real science with proven results, helping professionals to reach their full potential in a world which is increasingly demanding more.


Dilemma on doing the right thing leads to battle for Herts and minds

Former cabinet minister David Gauke has had some big decisions to make recently. He began 2019 as Secretary Of State For Justice in Theresa May’s government. But May gave way to Boris Johnson and a more gung ho attitude to Brexit. When Gauke voted against the government to prevent No-Deal, he was expelled from the … Continued


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