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PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Ensuring that you have the correct slide size before you build your slides is crucial or you may end up having to revive all your slide elements. This is especially important if you are designing for print – the standard A4 preset in PowerPoint is not actually A4 (it is 27.5cm x 19.05cm). If you … Continued

Using the Slide Master for designing documents – Guidance for PowerPoint 2013

Why use PowerPoint for document design? While PowerPoint is primarily designed for designing presentations, it can also be used as a powerful and flexible desktop publishing tool that can deliver professional results without the expense of having to purchase and learn a dedicated DTP program such as InDesign. The flexibility of PowerPoint makes it perfect … Continued

Gerrit Zahn’s Corporate Values

Everyone likes to talk about values, don’t they? Especially in corporate leadership roles. But so many values statements sound bland, boring and frankly unmemorable. Gerrit Zahn, chairman of the Dutch megabank ABN AMRO (and a former finance minister), has always taken an innovative approach to this sort of thing. Here’s a clip of him delivering … Continued

Michael Bay, Samsung, and an Autocue

Poor old Michael Bay. That’s not a sentiment you’re likely to see on screen or in print that often, so I thought I’d kick off this blog with a simple expression of sympathy. This famously aggressive director of famously mindless films found himself lost for words at the CES event in Las Vegas this week, … Continued

Busting the Margaret Thatcher Voice Coaching Myth

I once had a voice teaching colleague who, it was rumoured, had coached Margaret Thatcher in the 1970s. One day, I asked her whether she was responsible for the most famous (and infamous) vocal tones in modern British political history. My colleague was appalled at the suggestion, which she denied vigorously. This wasn’t because she … Continued

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