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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

We discuss some of the challenges of Personal Impact and help you to define the personal outcomes you're looking for

Communication Fundamentals

We examine the communication process and provide you with communication tools for your mind, body, and voice

Emotional Intelligence

We explore the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace and invite you to assess your own levels


We demonstrate the use of smart language choices and show how to use tone, energy and emphasis to achieve clarity of speech and delivery

Body Language

Learn how to adopt a strong posture. Understand congruence, the effective use of gestures, and learn the importance of developing good eye contact

Learning outcomes

  • You're a confident communicator with anyone in any setting.

  • You have impactful interactions at work leading to greater understanding, collaboration and efficiency.

  • You understand yourself and have strategies for positive self-management.

  • You know how to use your voice and body language to communicate with confidence and clarity.

  • You have a justified self-belief and project an easy, attractive communication manner that gets your messages across successfully.

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