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  • 3 HR Workshop

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 6 Participants

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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

An introduction to what the session is about, typical personal brand challenges, and the outcomes you can achieve

Personal Brand & Corporate Brand

You need to define and build a great personal brand and to understand the profound impact that can have on you and your organisation

The Seven Laws of Personal Brand

An examination of the elements needed to create a successful Personal Brand. We look at how others portray themselves and reveal their values

Creating a Leadership Brand

We explore and analyse the key communication behaviours from which leadership stems

Building your Own Personal Brand

You must understand the importance of being authentic and how to sustain authentic behaviour. We help you to create a brand statement

Learning outcomes

  • You now understand how you come across in the workplace and how others perceive you.

  • You've developed your personal brand and are projecting it successfully.

  • Your visibility is increasing and you're being seen as a professional.

  • You influence what people say about you by acting consistently and professionally.

  • You consciously understand your values and clearly project them at all times.

  • Your working relationships are more effective and your business network is growing.

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