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  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 6 Participants

  • Blended Learning available

Course overview

Understanding your Boss

What's your manager trying to accomplish? You need to be curious and to discover this as well as their priorities, style, values and past experience

The Groundwork

What do you want from your boss? Learn to see the context, establish the ground rules, clarify priorities and find out what works

Building the Relationship

Learn to be specific, to share ideas and know the pitfalls. Find out what to avoid

Be the Solution

Build on your manager’s strengths. Avoid overload and get to know the network around your manager for support and ideas

Making it Work

Discover your manager's preferences. Learn to amplify the great work of others as well as broadening your understanding of leadership whilst adopting a positive attitude

Learning outcomes

  • By developing such a good relationship with your manager your reputation has been greatly enhanced.

  • Having understood your manager's communication style and methods of working, they've started to see you as an important asset.

  • Learning 'the golden rule of communication' has enabled you to create positive change. You're becoming the solution to your own success.

  • The great working relationship with your boss has led to improved outcomes for you both.

  • You're far more assertive, confidently sharing your ideas and achievements.

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