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In managing a range of situations, Flexible Thinking is more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach. Flexible Thinking helps you maintain momentum, and cope with the unexpected, by relying on mental models drawn from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, physics, statistics and even art history. By learning to flexibly toggle between them, you can rise above frustration and other negative reactions, find clarity and peace of mind, and focus on solutions.

Henry Caplan

Charlie has many years as a trainer, coach and facilitator under his belt and a recognised expertise in all three. His background in the print media, as a teacher and as a trained actor gives him the skill set, fluency and bearing, essential to a trainer of leadership and allied interpersonal skills.

Putting his communication skills to good use, Charlie has worked on high-profile training events including leadership programmes. He has also helped with the development of Working Voices courses.


Masterclass agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

Why Models work

- Seeing trends, types and patterns in data and events, through mental models – simple but powerful representations of the way the world works. 

Applying models

-To be effective in any present or future situation, we have to assemble a ‘latticework’ of interconnected models, and learn when to apply them. 

Models and systems
- When organisational systems struggle to adopt new models, what can they do to introduce new flexibility?

Alternating models

- Discover the importance of trying out different models to find the ‘best fit’, and learn how to toggle between alternatives.

What our clients say

Flexible Thinking

By Henry Caplan and Andrew Day

Free Webinar

November 9th, 2022

9am ET (2pm GMT) (duration: one hour) 

Andrew Day

A successful writer, speaker and educator, Andrew has presented his work in many varied contexts and countries: from small towns in Poland, to international schools in Singapore, to global banks in New York. Andy specialises in bringing specialist ideas to non-specialist audiences, he is passionate about introducing people to new ideas and exploring the applications for their own lives.