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Course overview


Develop the right attitude, observation skills, the rule of reciprocity and being present with people

Understand your Audience

Listen to understand, use questions effectively, develop empathy and remember names

Physical & Visual

Learn powerful body language, and the importance of eye contact and energy – and always remember to smile. Understand how to achieve balance and modulate your voice

Virtual Rapport Building

Connect meaningfully with others in meetings, via email and over the phone

Play the Long Game

How to build rapport with people in senior positions and to create long term goals. Now put what you've learned into practice

Learning outcomes

  • By creating excellent rapport with clients and colleagues you will have much deeper level of trust and understanding.

  • Participant’s work with people will be more productive, efficient and enjoyable so their professional experience will be enhanced

  • The dynamics of rapport better understood, with techniques learnt to both create and enhance it.

  • Enjoy great rapport as part of every encounter, so trust amongst colleagues and clients grows.

  • Armed with ways to project their understanding of others, it's now possible to see eye to eye with many more people.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses