Personal Brand

When we think about branding we tend to associate it with products or corporate activity. Companies spend billions on branding their products in order to maintain market share, increase brand awareness and stand out from their competition.

How much time and investment have you spent on your Personal Brand? Are you being promoted? Are you getting the best jobs? Are people aware of what you have to offer? Do you stand out from your competitors and colleagues?

Lets get branding


Thinking time – Start identifying your Personal Brand; you will need to think about your passions, strengths, skills and values.


Exercise time – Pretend you are in an interview and the interviewer asks you to sell your personality in three words. Write down the three words that you would use to sell your personality.


Taking note time – Personal Branding is about identifying what makes you unique and what will make you stand out.

Having a solid, authentic Personal Brand will give you visibility. Your colleagues will have a clear understanding of what you stand for and what you have to offer. Like all strong brands if you have a strong Personal Brand you will stand out from the competition, be more successful and have more job opportunities within your workplace or outside of it.


Investment time – To kick-start your branding exercise why don’t you enroll on a Personal Brand course. Here at Working Voices we run Personal Brand workshops followed by 1:1 coaching. Speak to someone in your Human Resources or Learning and Development department to enroll on this course. Alternatively, call us directly for some 1:1 coaching on Personal Brand.

Personal Brand Videos

Watch some Personal Brand tips from our exceptional trainers: Henry Caplan, Paul Hill and Jay Rhoderick. These digital course notes are FREE when you book a Personal Brand course.

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Personal Brand Posts

“Officer – That’s personal!”

I found this video quite powerful. Rhode Island Police Chief Dean Esserman is addressing the graduating students of Year Up. It’s an organisation that mentors young adults by offering six months of training and then six-month internships in companies like Bain Capital, Marsh and McLennan, and Bank of America – to name but a few. … Continued

Personal Brand Resources

Start your branding makeover today with some great books on Personal Brand.