The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of the types of personal information which we collect from you and how we use your personal information. We collect personal information from:

  • Potential Clients
  • Clients
  • Course Participants
  • Employees and our Contractors

How we use your Personal Information.

Potential Clients

When we receive an enquiry from you about our courses, we record your contact details including name, job title, business telephone number, email and postal address. We record this personal information in an electronic database and / or manual files in order to provide you with the information which you are seeking and also to follow up with you to enquire as to whether you have any questions or if you require any further information from us. Each time we contact you, we record a brief note on the file of the status of you enquiry. We will make contact with you at monthly intervals unless we are asked not to make contact again. In such a case, we will record this information on our system and ensure that your wishes are respected. Occasionally, we may send you newsletters unless you request us not to send you such communications.


Once a potential client becomes a client, we will use your personal information on the client record for the purposes of managing the business relationship with you. This may also include us contacting you on a monthly basis and making a record of such contact on our systems. Occasionally, we may send you newsletters unless you request us not to send you such communications.

Course Participants

Once a course has been booked, we collect personal information on the participants(s) from the client representative making the booking or from the participants directly. This includes name, business contact details and any other relevant information required for the purposes of administering the booking and delivering the training course.

In some circumstances, depending on agreements made between us and our clients and / or participants, feedback (written or oral) may be provided to the participant directly and / or to the client.

Under no circumstances, unless required by law or regulatory body, will we pass your personal information to any third parties, with the exception of our contractors who need such personal information to assist us in performing our contracts with our clients. We have contractual protections in place to protect any of your personal information which we need to disclose to our contractors.

Employees and Contractors

We collect personal information from both prospective employees / contractors and employees / contractors including name, address, qualifications, employment history and bank account information. In the case of prospective employees / contractors, we use this personal information to assess suitability for the position applied. n the case of employees, we use this personal information for the purposes of administering the employment contract and in the case of contractors, for the performance of the contract into which we have entered. This includes identifying training needs, carrying out performance appraisals, making payments and scheduling work assignments.

We do not disclose employee / contractor personal information to third parties unless we are required by law or regulatory body or if we are using a third party to provide services to us for which they need such personal information. In such a case, we will ensure that we have appropriate contractual measures in place with such third parties for the protection of your personal information.

We take our obligations to protect your personal information seriously. Should you have any questions about privacy at Working Voices, please contact us.


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