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Executive Presence: Speaking With Conviction

A simple step to speaking with conviction is the elimination of low status words and phrases. Kind of Sort of Just (as in “I just want to suggest”)   To be clear, in everyday casual communication, there is nothing wrong with any of these words. But when you want to speak with conviction, the words … Continued

Executive Presence – at least do the basics well… I was reading on Forbes’ website the other day, that one of the worst mistakes you can make in terms of damaging one’s own executive presence, is racially biased language. You’d hope that’d be obvious. But I’ve been in meetings and presentations and lectures where these things are said, and they’re very hard to … Continued

Executive Presence – the 3rd Presidential Debate (Foreign Policy)

As the debates have progressed, there has been a marked improvement in the President’s performance. This foreign policy debate was his strongest and this was for a very good reason. The President has been briefed every day for nearly 4 years and has had hundreds of meetings on foreign policy related issues. Governor Romney has … Continued