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5 Important Networking Tips to Bring to the Christmas Party

Now is the perfect time to share some seasonal networking tips.  The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with work drinks, team lunches, office parties, award ceremonies and exciting events – the festive period is bursting with networking opportunities. Most people however, won’t see it this way, if you’re one of the many people … Continued

Good Networking – Christmas Tips

What is good networking? – Top Networking Tips For Christmas Networking is an art that can be practiced and honed. Read on to find out how to develop more useful connections through good listening and good communication. Networking – Quality not quantity It is very easy to think that networking means knowing as many people … Continued

Nick Fordham to Moderate at HR Summit

We’re very happy to announce that our own Nick Fordham will be moderating the HR Summit & Expo Hong Kong, the largest HR-focused conference and expo in Southeast Asia, with over 4,100 attendees attending every year. HR Summit & Expo HK offers  a platform to meet face-to-face with thousands of fellow HR professionals, discuss unique … Continued

Self Promotion – Making The Unnatural Feeling Go Away?

This week I was training in Geneva, doing a course on Networking skills and how to raise your profile for the important things that you are doing, without being seen to “blow your own trumpet”.  And an Italian lady asked me a question about why this is seen to be so bad and how can … Continued

Networking with depth – The difference between acquaintances and friends

I remember coaching someone in Emotional Intelligence some years ago, who was already quite an effective, confident communicator.  They had a good personal brand, sincere charisma, and were quite confident in front of large groups.  Their real problem was during one-and-one situations, although it was subtle enough for me not to identify straight away. This … Continued

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