Speaking With Conviction

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Just (as in “I just want to suggest”)

Speaking with conviction meaning:

In an effort to be disciplined, a confident speech is given by the speaker or when building up the courage to speak. The ability to speak with conviction can be developed through practice and acquiring comfort in public speaking. Good speakers have knowledge of their topics, enthusiasm, clear diction, and volume control. They are good at being versatile and know how to work with different audiences.

To be clear, in everyday casual communication, there is nothing wrong with any of these words. But when you want to speak with conviction, the words you habitually choose, might be making you sound unsure or not confident.

There are times when I make suggestions, and times when I make recommendations. I’m deliberately choosing words that are effective to convey not just meaning, but how I want to be perceived.

Speaking with conviction tips:

Be careful falling into a pattern of habitual apology. The word “Sorry” can be a valuable way of mending fences but if we’re constantly speaking from the platform of apology, being sorry for having a different opinion, and punctuating our speech with sorry, we can loose credibility.

It’s important to think about the words that you are going to use when conveying difficult messages, leading when the pressure’s on, and getting buy in, so choose your words carefully.

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