• Group Workshop

  • Virtual or Face to Face

  • Small or Large Groups

Course overview

Great Presentations – The Formula

Learn how to use outcome thinking and explore the power of narrative

Before – Prepare for success

Learn to understand the audience’s values and style and how to build a structure that influences and persuades

During – Make a strong connection

Examine how to achieve conscious congruence and to be present

After – Be remembered

Learn how to emphasise a call to action by making your message really stick

Action – Put it into practice

Practise an individual presentation with group feedback and coaching

Learning outcomes

  • You know how to use advanced persuasion techniques based on genuine rapport with the audience.

  • Since you're more comfortable thinking on your feet, you can now be authentically persuasive, holding the focus and attention of your audience.

  • You've developed from a seasoned presenter into an influential one, gaining gravitas and inspiring others.

  • You know how to tell a story and to engage an audience with your powerful, personal presence.

  • You can hold an engaged, attentive audience and deliver clear and authoritative messages with no more ‘presenting nerves’.

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