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November the 5th was stress awareness day, so there are currently lots of good tips floating around the web.

Most of us can cope with one or two stressful events at the same time; often some stress is needed if we are to perform at our peak levels, or so they say. Where things get difficult is when we have more stressful events than we can handle, all coming at us at the same time. So I thought it might be a good idea to give a couple of really basic tips on how to compartmentalise stress and deal with it, no matter where you are.

Some stress-causing factors are out of our control and just acknowledging your complete lack of control over them may not make you feel better. Nor is telling someone “not to worry” very effective; but asking them to prioritise their worries can help them alleviate stress and get them back from over-analysis to action. Accepting that these things are not your responsibility and not your fault can really, really help.

Firstly identify what is the thing making you most stressed and deal with it to the full extent of your ability – don’t put it off to deal with little things, get rid of the big thing first. Secondly, consider all those things that make you stressed but that you can’t change, and if you can’t forget about them, accept them. The act of telling yourself not to worry about things that you cannot change is surprisingly powerful, enabling many of us to eliminate stress and get back on with our business and domestic lives.

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