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The gateway to a more successful career

Our B2B eLearning platform delivers self-paced modular courses loaded with notes, tips, techniques and exercises, all available on desktop or mobile devices 24/7. When you sign up to a Working Voices eLearning program we want you to achieve the same level of success that you would if we were teaching you in the classroom. Our eLearning solution is delivered with a full engagement package that guarantees engagement from day one right through to the end of your eLearning experience.

Key Features

50 SCORM Compliant Courses
1000+ Training Videos (with English Subtitles)
Downloadable Course Notes
Dashboard Facility - Tracking & Analytics
Assessments with CPD Accreditation
Available on iOS & Android
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Watch a Trainer in Action

Watch a Trainer in Action

The video library is available via a dedicated website and on any iOS or Android device via our App, it currently contains 1000+ full HD videos, which are concise and dynamic at 30 seconds to 3 minutes each. There’s also a SCORM compliant version to integrate with corporate LMSs. The challenge with any form of soft skills training is how to embed it to become part of a person’s everyday, instinctual behaviour. Because they can dip in and out, the platform persuades time-challenged staff to engage, and keep committed to acquiring new interpersonal skills – the lifeblood of any thriving organisation.

eLearning Course Library

Performance Tracking & Analytics

L&D Dashboard

The valuable data collected as users progress through the library is presented to administrators via a central, master dashboard with clear visual schematics and exportable (.csv) metrics.

‘My Progress’ Dashboard

Each user can keep track of their progress throughout the library. At appropriate stages, the platform presents assessments to ensure the course content has been fully understood.

Talent Identification

Since the content is so specific, the data collected provides a highly valuable means of identifying areas of strength and weakness and points to areas in need of development.