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Course Overview

Understanding the History

Learn about the impact of history on how women communicate in the workplace

Being Heard in the Workplace

Explore how to change your own and others behaviours and to support women’s voices. Develop your confidence around speaking up and being heard

Focusing on Women’s Visibility

Learn to find the techniques to display your personal dynamism. Discover how to get noticed and be more assertive

Developing Presence

Find out how to build a strong personal brand that creates loyalty, respect and generates consistently good impressions

Communicating with Impact

Discover the importance of having the right mindset. Learn how to use your voice and body language to project confidence, poise and authority

Learning Outcomes

  • If you're a woman, you already understand the unique set of challenges many of your gender face, just because you're female. Now you know how to mitigate some of them.

  • You've also learnt some creative approaches to help build both your reputation and workplace relationships.

  • You can communicate with more authority which helps to grow your professional network. Your personal brand is stronger and now you convey it with conviction and confidence.

  • You speak convincingly, having learnt tactics to manage any self-sabotaging behaviour.

  • You've found new ways to raise your profile, command the room and attract the appropriate kind of attention.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses