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Course overview

How Spontaneous Thinking Works

Learn to draw on the experience of improvisation performers. This course will help you become acquainted with your gut instincts, your unconscious mind and your intuition

Being Present and Relaxed

Learn how to absolutely own your space, to cope with adrenaline and to overcome any fear of criticism or being wrong

The Brain and the Gut

Learn about the physiology of spontaneity as well as how to train your brain and when to trust your instinct

Notice and Engage

Understand how to change your mindset, get curious, listen and overcome cognitive and anecdotal bias

The Power of Saying Yes

Learn to accept the contributions of others and build on ideas and practical ways that prompt nimble thinking

Learning outcomes

  • By changing your learned thinking and behaviour you're able to nurture your spontaneous thinking, and thus stay calm under pressure.

  • Since you understand your physical and mental responses to stress, it's easier to keep it under control.

  • With your newfound knowledge of improv you can relax under pressure and quieten those fight or flight reactions.

  • The training has made it far easier for you to think nimbly when under pressure.

  • You're able to keep a cool head and to remain present with your audience.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses