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Course overview

Preparation Basics

Learn how communication works and preparing yourself for the audience. Explore presentation structure and take part in a group Q&A

Preparation Mindset

Discover how to relax your mind and body and how to build rapport with your audience

Voice & Sound

Learn how to achieve engagement through tonal variation. Master your pace, articulation and projection

Emphasis & Meaning

Explore ways to create interest through highlighting key words, and find out how to maximise engagement via the use of energy

Body Language

Learn how to use eye contact and body focus to say less and to achieve more

Learning outcomes

  • You're able to present to individuals and groups effectively and confidently.

  • You understand the importance of a positive attitude and of practising your learned vocal and physical techniques so as to appear relaxed and knowledgeable.

  • Your confidence has grown through practice, video work, playback and group feedback.

  • You've developed the confidence, clarity and poise to present to anyone, anywhere.

  • You know the body language to use to create a strong personal impact and make a memorable impression.

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