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Course overview


Your thoughts are important since what you think is what you do. Find ways to develop a positive outlook


Know your stress triggers, reframe perspectives, learn practical strategies to keep yourself buoyant


Identify your self-sabotage thinking, acknowledge your feelings and plan future actions


Notice achievements, build your resources, change your thinking and become objective

Practical Steps

List and analyse your previous experiences to strategise for the future. Make life fun again

Learning outcomes

  • You thrive under pressure and can turn it to your advantage.

  • When stress strikes you have strategies and are no longer just a victim of it.

  • You're able to convert stress from a minus to a plus.

  • Confidence killers are no longer part of your self-talk and you know how to keep yourself positive and energised.

  • When it comes to dealing with pressure, you know how to think and act.

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