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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

A simple definition of Influence is the ability to impel a person to some action, whilst keeping the relationship intact. You'll learn how to do this

Influence & Impact – Definitions

We explore what Influence is and how it needs to be used positively for success; it's not about manipulation

Influence & Impact – E+R=O

We're all responsible for the outcomes that are in our control. One way to get the outcomes you want is to control the way we you react to events

Influencing Outcomes

Use circles of concern and influence to increase effective action. Discover and apply different influencing styles

The Steps to Effective Influencing

To build rapport means be able to enter another person's world. You'll learn how to do this

Learning outcomes

  • Your existing influencing skills are honed so that you come across as a dynamic leader.

  • Whilst retaining your good working relationships, you're now able impel your audiences to action.

  • The laws of influencing understood, you get the outcomes you want.

  • You can now approach situations purposefully, positively and logically, getting more of what you want.

  • The ability to adapt your style and reflect your audience’s perspective leads to more success and agreement.

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What people said about our courses