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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

A look at some typical workplace pressures – we all need the ability to bounce back quickly from challenges

Understand the Subject

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from the difficulties life sometimes brings. Learn how to turn workplace pressure into a positive impetus


Assess your individual stress tolerance. Discover how to gain perspective and use proactive strategies such as the “Stress-busters”


How to manage feelings and stay in control of your own behaviour. Learn to overcome confidence killers and explore other resilience building solutions


Test the evidence of your thoughts and find ways to problem-solve and play to your personal strengths

Learning outcomes

  • By the end of this training you'll have a greater understanding and control of your stress triggers.

  • You'll know how to use your time and energy more efficiently. You'll bounce back stronger and more determined to achieve your goals.

  • You'll see failure as a delay rather than a defeat.

  • And you'll know how to conduct yourself more calmly, because changed thinking leads to changed behaviour.

  • Instead of being paralysed with grief or worry, you'll be able to move forwards in the belief that things can and will improve.

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What people said about our courses