Blink and You’ll Miss It – Controlling Non-verbal Leakage

Julian Assange of Wikileaks was in Court again yesterday and has been in the press consistently for weeks.

He has an interesting interview technique because, among other things, it is conflicted. Look at the illustration at and you’ll see what I mean.

For a number of reasons (slow speech rhythms and soft speech, for instance), Mr Assange comes across as a high-status individual. On the other hand, an area of the interview which damages his credibility is his high blink rate. It is worryingly frequent. Behaviour of the sort is what’s called non-verbal leakage and it’s effect here is to create the impression – accurately or otherwise – of someone who is uncomfortable with the questions being asked or the answers he is giving.

My advice. Consciously look at the interviewer, be aware of the blinking, act to control it and, if it’s a physiological problem caused by dry eyes, simply use some eye drops.

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