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Empathy Index: “My” problem versus “Yours”

Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, got into hot water in July for hiking service rates, up to 60% in some cases, without any warning or explanation to his customers. The move has customers and casual observers alike questioning Hastings’ empathy. So this week Hastings sent this explanation to Netflix’s 24 million customers. You … Continued

Using ECONOMY to talk about the economy

Whether or not you agree with Robert Reich’s take on THE economy, you must admire his use of Economy. His message has impact and credibility, without a single extra syllable or stroke of the pen. He makes it look effortless. But boiling our message down to its bare essence takes A LOT more work. It’s … Continued

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

So what does this have to do with Communication? A lot actually. We’ve all been in the room when someone loses their cool. It can be intimidating to see a colleague play the part of the Tabby of Terror. And let’s face it, when we ourselves are under pressure, when the negotiation needs to go … Continued

Preparation vs. Memorization

Preparation vs. Memorization: When all you have is a hammer, every question looks like a nail. No doubt Ed Miliband thinks he is prepared for this interview: he has distilled his message into a few punchy points; he makes eye contact, and speaks clearly; he’s obviously practiced what he wants to say, as we can … Continued