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Is Personal Branding Still Important?

Is “Personal Branding” Busted? I was part of a discussion with a group of fellow coaches at Working Voices about whether our idea of “Personal Branding” needs to change. Suddenly it feels as if there is a reaction against strong personal branding in light of recent political events and attitudes and I think it deserves … Continued

Using a Leadership Framework

I was recently asked by a client to help them work on their leadership style and to give pointers on how to lead effectively. My first question was to ask what their framework for leadership is. They had not considered that they could (and should) have a predominant framework through which they were leading. Having … Continued

To Email, Or Not To Email?

My wife said to me on Sunday morning over breakfast, “How did anyone survive before email?”  I spluttered and burst into a slightly derisive laugh.  The laugh was because it made me think that the opposite is true. Most people who I train are completely overwhelmed by their emails.  They take up so much time … Continued

Howard Schultz – Leading Starbucks Authentically

I arrived this morning at Canary Wharf, early, and I think about where I can sit and do some work.  I find myself in the Starbucks under Canada Square, which I have been to quite a lot, and then I open up this article about Howard Schultz and what he is doing for his employees. … Continued

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